Examination and Grades

Evaluation of students’ performance by tests, examinations and assignments are vital to help the students and the guardians to understand the progress the students are making in the class.  It also helps the teacher and the school to gauge the students’ progress and enables the school to advise parents regarding their ward.  Class quizzes are given at the discretion of the teacher.  It is, however, expected that the teacher will use this method to evaluate the students and to motivate them to study. Besides class tests two mid- term and two term examination are being conducted and the progress reports are sent to the parents.  The final term examination covers entire class syllabus.

A student who is absent from any examination cannot be expected to take a special examination.  Any unfair and dishonest practice in the examination will be treated as a very serious offence.  Offences such as copying, showing answer papers to other students, passing materials to other students, talking to another students etc. are strictly prohibited.  Students indulging in any of these will be asked to leave the examination hall and the matter will be reported to the chief invigilator and principal immediately.  Such students will be debarred from taking the remaining exams of that period.  This will result in failure of that students in that grade that year.