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Class Teacher

A class teacher is assigned to each class for general supervision, student counseling and help to assist the school administration.  Students who have personal or academic problems may seek help from the class teacher.  General activities of the class will be under the supervision of class teacher.  When various schools functions and activities are organized, the class teacher will supervise the group.


Students are expected to be in class on time.  Students who are not seated in their class after the second bell will be marked tardy.  If they are more than 15 minutes late, they will be marked absent.  Three tardiness equal an absence.


                Boys are to wear the prescribed shirt and trousers.  Shirts must be properly buttoned.  Girls are to wear the prescribed blouse and skirt.  Blouse must be properly buttoned and skirts must at least cover the knees.

Prescribed Pathfinder/Adventurer uniforms are required for appropriate classes and for certain occasions.


                Subject teachers will prescribe the required text book and all the students must obtain prescribed Text-books and stationer required.

Excursion / Picnics

Tours and excursions are arranged keeping in mind the educational value and relevance and therefore are compulsory.  Parents will be informed well in advance about this and details regarding the cost, etc. Required excursions are to be attended by students.


The calendar of events mentions the approved holidays.  Other holidays if and when necessary will be announced by the school.

The students must attend school and classes till the last day. Attendance will be taken at every period.  After holidays the students must return promptly on the re-opening day.  Any absence after holidays is liable for a fine.  A minimum of 80% attendance is required to sit for any examination.

Financial Dealing with the School

All school fees/financial obligations to the school are to be paid directly to the Finance Office of the school and a proper receipt obtained.  Guardians and the students are not supposed to make any material or monetary payment to any member of the staff for service rendered.

Any financial dealings directly with a staff member in payment of service rendered in connection with the schooling of the students is a very serious offence and makes the students liable for withdrawal.


The use and wearing of jewellery and ornaments during school hours and in the premises is strictly prohibited.


                Our philosophy of discipline seeks to encourage and develop self-control.  It is a process to assist students to live by right principles.  We believe self-discipline is a necessity in the maturing process.

Discipline enhances learning.  Each teacher is given the responsibility of enforcing classroom regulations in accordance with school philosophy and mission statement.  The school expects full cooperation from both students and parents in the education of the student and in adherence to all school policies and regulations.  Students are expected to abide by theses guide lines.  Parents are expected to fully support these guidelines.

The following steps and action will be involved in the disciplinary action:

  1. Verbal warning / fine / Detention
  2. Written warning
  3. Suspension from school
  4. Dismissal from school

Student Pledge

By registration at the school, the student pledges himself/herself to live in accordance with its policies.  If anyone feels, after studying these policies, as published in the student hand book that he/she cannot loyally and actively support such policies, he/she is urged not to register at Yangon Adventist Seminary or if already registered, to withdraw upon his/her initiative.  A student’s signature on the application form for entrance to the school constitutes a pledge that he/she will conduct himself/herself in harmony with the standards of the institution.  It is also expected that parents or guardians understand these standards.