It was named “Park Lane Junior Bible Seminary (JBS)” before it became Yangon Adventist Seminary.  The initial purpose of the school is to meet the need of the Seventh- day Adventist children who cannot attend and or sit the examination of State runs schools which required to attend and write exam on Sabbath, Saturday.

During Socialist era in Myanmar (Burma), commerce and industry were nationalized across the board.  Many of the Religious institutions, educational institutions were also nationalized.  The schools and hospital operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church were also nationalized too.  After our mission schools were nationalized in 1966, our children joined the State schools all over Myanmar for their education.  Students were to attend school on Saturday and examinations were also conducted on Saturday.  For that reason, without any choice, Seventh-day Adventist children are to attend the public school but cannot sit for the examination which resulted in failure of the examination and were barred from moving to the next level.

To solve the problem, the church leaders decided to provide education for Seventh-day Adventist children in the form of Bible Seminary. So, our Park Lane Junior Bible Seminary was established in June 9, 1975.

Even though started small, now there are more than 600 students enrolled in the school.


1975 – 1985                        Daw Yee Yee Shwe

1985 – 1990                        Daw Noreen Shwe

1990 – 1991                        U Jonathan Zaw Weik

1991 – 2002                        U Claudius Brown

2002 – 2005                        U Saw Lay Wah

2005 – 2013                        U Claudius Brown

2013 – 2016                        U Dhay Htoo Sein

2016 – Present                   U Saw Lay Wah